Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coverings of fig leaves

In a recent discussion the question was asked “Was it really necessary for God to provide animal skins to Adam and Eve.” While it would not be accurate to describe the choice of covering i.e. animal skins, as secondary, it would nevertheless be helpful to note that the primary instruction is that the only adequate and acceptable covering must come from God. It was thereby His choice to provide a covering which required the “shedding of blood” for without it there is no covering (Heb 9:22). It must therefore be understood to be a foreshadowing of the provision of a sin covering for all who would believe which was in the mind of God prior to the sin of Adam cf. Rev 13:8. This also foreshadowed the Temple sacrifice to come.

“Ok. but why were the fig leaves inadequate?” they rebutted.

First see above.

Second the fig leaves represent man’s effort’s to provide his own covering. And while this may represent Adam’s best effort at doing so nonetheless it was a covering of decay, of filthy rags (Isa 64:6) and would not be permanent nor permitted.

“But that was then…what about now” they asked meaning “What are some inadequate coverings today?” All covering not supplied by God is of necessity from self-effort. This self-effort takes on many forms such as church attendance, giving to worthy charities, or even hope that good deeds are more plentiful than the bad. The broad road (Mt7:13) is not labeled hell but heaven and many find it, in all sincerity granted; but it is still the wrong road (Mt 7:21) which is why Jesus commanded to “enter by the narrow gate” for only that gate leads to life.

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