Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foundational Truths - GOD

Over the next few Tuesday’s we will look at some basic principles which form the foundation of the Christian Faith.  When one speaks of a foundational element it is understood to be that from which all other items or concepts are built.  They are by their very nature crucial to a proper understanding and the building of a structure which is fit in form and function.  Jesus himself spoke of the necessity to build upon a solid foundation attributing to the man who does so wisdom.  So it is with this understanding and the desire to be wise we begin.

GodRavi Zacharias gives a great, if mind straining, definition of God when he states “God is the only being in whom the reason for being exists within Himself.”  Now don’t miss that.  Everything owes its existence to forces outside of itself; for instance I exist because of parents, tomato’s exist because of seeds … and so forth.  Yet only God exists for no other reason than that He does.  I must admit to being overwhelmed by the thought of this and cannot comprehend it even though I can certainly apprehend the idea from the Scriptures.

Yet have you ever noticed the Scriptures do not begin with an argument for the existence of God?  It does in fact begin with the presupposition of His existence simply declaring “In the beginning, God.”  And in the book of Romans we learn why, it is because the knowledge of His existence is inherent to us all and must be suppressed to be denied making us all (or those who deny Him) “without excuse.” 

So the existence of God is a given; next week we will look at what is called the Godhead where God being one makes Himself known in three distinct persons i.e. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  See you then.

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