Friday, July 16, 2010

Your Friday Phil or not

Well I am sure you all came here expecting to read something deep and profound from the team (Dan, Frank, and Phil) over at Pyro, it is Friday Phil Friday after all.  However today we at The Old Dead Guys thought we would use this day to hopefully get to know you a little better.  

So with that in mind, before you leave would you post a comment and briefly introduce yourself?  Do not be to revealing but we would like to know stuff like: a little about your self (nothing revealing or very personal), how you found us, what you like or dislike, or any topics you would like to see covered.  

So let me be the first:

As you may know I am Jamie, I am currently 9 credits from graduation from LRU (Luther Rice) and find it ironic that he would not be allowed to teach at the school that bears his name being a believer in the Doctrines of Grace.  My profile pretty much states my biblical position.  I am married (28 yrs) to the most wonderful and patient woman (yep sorry I got her) who was my High School sweetie.  We live in the Charlotte NC area and although we are Reformed Baptists we attend an SBC church that is not (go figure - bet you did not see that coming).

So there, I got it started - don't leave me alone.

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