Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Foundational Truths – God – Omnipresent

As we continue looking at God’s attributes we come to the second jewel in the crown of God’s Holiness … His being Omnipresent.  I guess we should have in our last meeting defined exactly what is meant by the prefix Omni.  Omni, from the Latin ‘omnis’ simply means ‘all.’  This means that technically, as we speak of God, we could prefix each attribute of His with Omni since what ever He is, in terms of character, His is all of.  He is Omnilove, Omniwrath, Omnijustice, etc.

So Webster’s 1828 states of Omnipresent (and as you might have expected):

            Present in all places at the same time; ubiquitary.
                        (ubiquitary) – existing every where or in all places.

Upon reflection one comes to the understanding that this is a very practical attribute of God which describes His presence in every place at the same time!  As a result there is nowhere in the universe that lies outside of God's cognition and care.  A man can spend his entire life avoiding God but in the end he finds that God is ultimately unavoidable!  David recognized this stating that where ever he was God was there (Ps 139:7-12).  God is without circumference, He knows no bounds and His being every where at once is hard for us to grasp.  

We can only be one place at one time, but God is everywhere at the same time.  Our problem is that we have nothing to compare to it.  For instance, God all powerful; and we can slightly grasp that concept because we have power and strength.  He is all wise; and our level of wisdom although very limited by comparison give us some level of understanding.  But there is no sense in which we are can be present in two places at once much less everywhere!  Even though I am sure children would argue that it seems their mother can be at times.  But it is this limitation that omnipresence is mysterious to us

Now we're not alone in this since Satan is Not Omnipresent.  In fact all other things/beings are restricted to a given place at a given time.  And this is a new thought for many people.  Some have in mind that Satan is like a "junior God" who could do everything God could do, only at a lower level.  But because Satan is a created being, he is limited and localized (Job 1:6), as are all the angels and demons.  This should give us great comfort and while we would agree that Satan works today through a vast army of demons who work his infernal will (in total subjection to God); he himself is no more omnipresent than you or I.

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